The Directed Reading Program is an initiative to pair undergraduate students with graduate student mentors to undertake independent study projects. The project lasts a semester, and consists of the pair working together to read through a mathematical text (e.g. some chapters in a book or a paper) and culminating in the student giving a public math lecture at the end of the semester.

Wesleyan’s DRP is one of at least 29 similar programs running at colleges and universities around the country. The program is run by a graduate student committee with limited faculty oversight.

Interested students should contact any of the following people.

Graduate student DRP committee:
Justin Bryant (jabryant@wesleyan.edu)
Zonia Menendez (zmenendez@wesleyan.edu)
Mostafa Mirabi (mmirabi@wesleyan.edu)
André Oliveira (aoliveira@wesleyan.edu)
Arianna Zikos (azikos@wesleyan.edu)

Faculty contact:
Felipe Ramírez (framirez@wesleyan.edu)